Appreciating diversity within the human experience

Over the early holiday season, my mother and sister decided to take me on a day trip to Radio City Music Hall. Being a native of New York, I was kind of looking forward to the trip as I’ve not personally returned to the city, except for two occasions, since relocating to Delaware in 2004.

As a youth, I loved growing up in New York. I can remember many a weekends my sister and I paying the toll, jumping on the A train and going to The Village.  I was always so intrigued by the uniqueness of the different people I saw traveling the streets, sitting on a park benches or sipping tea outside of a small cafés. It’s like I could stare at a person for a century, and capture a glimpse of their world.

Ultimately, city life and it’s busy-ness, whether in the city or the suburbs, became a bit much for me. This of course became my sentiments after marrying and birthing our second child. I desired something much slower, quieter…just more peaceful period. And that slow peaceful environment has been for the most, an ongoing part of my life for the last thirteen years or so.

Reflecting once again, I believe these early captures of people in whatever their state, brought about much later in my life an appreciation for the differing experiences and profound diversity amongst human beings. This goes across all cultures.

The subtle paradox is that as different as we are, we are all yet still so much the same. Love, hate, pleasure, heart ache…the need for peace, being an ongoing thread that travels throughout all of our lives experiences. Connecting us all in some way or another.

Below are some of the images captured while on the visit. I tell you, if I’d gone alone, I would’ve slowly walked as much of the city as I could have in one days time. And of course, I would have photographed everything!  That’s just my thing.  I’ve been carrying a camera everywhere since high school!

Paula Freesoulbeing

Paula Freesoulbeing

All photography by Paula Freesoulbeing.

remember day

We visited the Nanticoke Indian Museum this past Thanksgiving 2014. We’ve been in Delaware for quite a few years now, and I had no idea this museum existed. It was about an hour drive, and definitely well worth the trip!

Here are a few photo’s taken during the visit:

One hundred year old tobacco!

100 year old tobacco

tobacco tag

Kennedy household 2014

Kennedy family

a life lived


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